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We’re a fabrication shop mainly focused creating unique custom pieces for homes, restaurants, gardens, and events.

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Chapman Fabrication is a true custom design and fabrication shop. Every day, we transform visions into tangible products because of the artistic and practical experiences of our staff. Our ability to engineer products from concepts sets us apart.

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We provide three kinds of services: design, fabrication and both. The quotes we provide are fair and specific per project. Our team discusses each aspect of your project and share in detail what it will take to transform your idea into reality. Once you reach out, someone will return your communication within 48 hrs.

- Chapman Fabrication Team

Fabrication Services

If you already have a design and need someone to turn it into reality, our shop has all the tools to do that. This team can create pieces for any kind of location or event. We will find all the necessary materials, build and deliver the finished product in your desired timeline.

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Design Services

If you just want a design for your idea, we’re here for you. We’ll provide 3D CADs and blueprints for your product. Our designs are also created with engineering in mind so that when it comes time to build, it can be easily accomplished.

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Design & Fabrication

Lastly, if you need both services, you can create your product from start to finish with us. We will find materials to fit your budget, engineer solutions from design to build, and deliver your product. We’re proud to create high quality and durable products.

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A local Houston fabrication & design shop – we create anything custom for any place or occasion.

- Chapman Fabrication Team


We are able to produce any kind of custom home products, including items for your garden. Our clients have requested items such as custom light fixtures, furniture, doors, sculptures, fire place covers, railings and much more. Any idea you have for your house, we will work with you on the creation and careful installation.

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Our team has worked with restaurants, bars, galleries and other commercial venues in order make their location stand out. We have created custom tables, chairs, sculptures, chandeliers, doors, signs, planter boxes and much more. If you already know what you need or would like input on a design, our team is here for you.

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Unique items at your event helps you curate an experience for all to enjoy. We’ve worked with Houston Pride, Nutcracker Market, corporations, Houston Rodeo, and other events to create interaction pieces to help their location stand out and draw a crowd’s attention. Contact our team to make your next occasion a memorable one.

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We are a dedicated team of Qualified Professionals with deep industry experience and technical expertise to manage a multitude of tasks ranging in complexity and size.

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Dan Corgey

Head Fabricator