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About Us

Lauren Chapman


Houston born and raised, Lauren earned her Masters in Sculpture from HBU and has been engaged in metal works since college. Her artistic and engineering background set her designs apart to be highly functional and creative.

Lauren Chapman
Daniel Corgey

Head Fabricator

Daniel originally started his career as a carpenter and shifted gears when learned to weld. He is an expert metal fabricator and brings a meticulous eye to every project. His specialty is bringing designs to life.

Daniel Corgey
Emmitt Chapman

Shop Dog & QC

I'm the ultimate snack tester and love to take naps in the office. You can count on me as the trusty groundskeeper of the shop. Occasionally I even get the zoomies.

Emmitt Chapman

We cherish our partnerships

Our clients.

Thompson + Hanson

Johnny’s Gold Brick

Tiny Boxwoods

Handies Douzo

The Menil Collection

Rooted Garden


Greenwood Bay

+ Numerous Home Owners

Our Mission

Every day, we transform visions into tangible products because of the artistic and practical experiences of our staff. Our ability to engineer products from concepts sets us apart.

Creative Impact

Our Team

We are a dedicated team of qualified professionals with deep industry experience and technical expertise to builid projects ranging in complexity and size.

a Proud Local business

We create custom items for any place or occasion.

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